Three times Awarded Entertainer of the Year Over 35 years entertaining experience including TV and Radio
Three times AwardedEntertainer of the Year Over 35 years entertainingexperience includingTV and Radio

Fez's Shows

Fez offers both Tailor made and set shows. With a wealth of experience and material Fez can create the ideal show for your guests for any occasion. Ask about the 2 hours for the price of 1 on his birthday/party package!

Fez the Jezter is a two hour party package (longer periods can be discussed) with the following programme which is NOT set in stone - the keyword is adaptability!


  • 10 minute before the party "Starts" the children will usually start arriving, and are invited to join in with a game (usually the "Magic Hat" Game)
  • This segues into a Comedy Magic and Puppet show with a lot of audience participation and magical helpers
  • About one hour into the party is a good time for the children to eat, so Fez organises them into position - however you need - (i.e. sat at a table, or queued up for buffet or sat on the floor with party boxes).  When you are ready to present the birthday cake, the children are even organised to sing "Happy Birthday"
  • Then it's time for a couple of party dances and bubbles - Fez doesn't just put on a record and leave the children to it.. he shows how the funny dances are done, and the "grown ups" can join in too!
  • Presenting a balloon modelling demonstration, the children then get a modelled balloon, twisted to order before home time

The package is fully self contained with prizes, a PAT tested public address and music system.

The Elfish Fezley Christmas Show is presented by Fez dressed in his Elf costume, along with his reindeer "Rudi" and reveals lots of magical secrets about Christmas :




  • Why did Santa get stuck up the chimney 
  • How does Rudolph get his nose red and shiny?
  • the legend of Frosty the snowman
  • Fez's magic Christmas tree
  • Why you will never catch Santa delivering the gifts
  • How the North pole is magical and why it's where Santa's workship is based
  • What happened to the stocking Fez left for Santa


There is a lot of fun, and of course if you have a "visitor" that can easily be incorporated within the package!

NEW this year! 

Snow machine

Patch the Party Pirate

Everybody like pirates, whats not to love? yes we love Pirates lots and lots. Plus you get to have fun playing pirates and doing other piraty pirate stuff that pirates do as you join Patch the Party Pirate on his virtual ship P.S. Funny Bones:


  • Meet the best Pirate mascot - a crow named Russell
  • Find out how Pirate's magically make their favourite drink - No! Not rum but Cherry Soda!
  • Walk the plank? We Pirates don't do that anymore - but we'll make you "Fly the Flag"!
  • Who can win the treasure in our "Ships of Treasure Island" game?
  • What happened to the jewels?  Help Patch find the pearls!
  • Help Patch sort out his friend "Pirate Pete" who's rather mixed up!
  • Pirate time is a magical time - especially with Patch's special Ship's Clock


and don't forget to get a balloon pirate cutlass before you leave ship!

Silly Spaceman Show

Blast your kids off into space. Lets face it we have all wanted to do this at some point. Now you can do it, if only for a couple of hours with Fez's "C Lee the Spaceman" party, which includes:


  • Meet "Ecky the Alien" who will transport to your party on this planet direct from space
  • Find out how Zog the alien who came to earth to steal all the sweets was captured
  • Take a trip on C Lee's anti gravity mat
  • Why do C Lee's space rabbits keep changing colour?
  • Watch a demonstration of time travel with C Lee's special clock
  • Why are magic space wands so different?


It will take them some time to come back down from this party!

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